About Dr. Robert Wiley

Our Expertise

Dr. Robert Wiley and associates  provide key Leadership Talent Consulting Services to the CEO and other senior executives.  

Our Leadership Consulting Services include:   

  • Leadership Talent Assessment
  • Executive Leadership Coaching 
  • Executive Team Effectiveness 
  • Executive On-Boarding
  • Leadership 360 Multirater Feedback

Our History

Dr. Wiley and associates are deeply experienced consulting to CEOs and senior executives across multiple industries. Dr. Wiley has 30 years of global experience delivering Leadership Talent Consulting Services to private equity owned and publicly traded companies. We personally do the work with CEOs and C-suite executives, helping them plan and implement leadership improvements that increase business and personal success. While we use well-tested tools and processes, we approach each engagement with our executive clients in a tailored, personalized way that is focused on meeting their specific needs.  

Our Mission

Our Leadership Consulting Services are aimed at maximizing the leadership talent and effectiveness of the individual executive and the leadership team, to accelerate the growth and business performance of their company.

Our value is driven by our broad business experience and perspective, our specialized knowledge of executive leadership and our ability to work as trusted advisors to our clients on sensitive and high-impact leadership issues.